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Why Workx advocaten?

  • Workx advocaten specialises in employment law. At the highest level. We are committed to our profession and our successes demonstrate that we do.
  • We work quickly. We maintain close contact with our clients since we are convinced that this makes a difference in most cases.
  • Employment law concerns individuals. We are reputed for our deep involvement and personal approach.

We work for

  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Start-ups
  • Expats
  • Works Councils
  • Managing Directors
  • Freelancers

We are specialised in

  • Dismissal
  • Terms of Employment
  • Reorganisation and redundancy
  • Employment aspects of mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations
  • Management agreements
  • International employment matters
  • Outsourcing and transfer of undertaking (TUPE)
  • Flexible employment relationships

We also offer

  • Exit-mediation
  • Mediation in case of sickness
  • Mediation for other employment related conflicts

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Do employees have the right to disconnect outside working hours?

This statement has been debated for quite some time now. We can imagine that this may sound appealing to most employees and that for some employers the mere thought of the right to disconnect sounds horrible. What is the underlying idea? And what are the chances that employees in the Netherlands will be entitled to the right to disconnect within the foreseeable future?

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