Continue working after reaching the state pension age – what should you consider?

Do you want to continue working after the state pension age? More and more Dutch people are choosing this. This article discusses the rules after the state pension age, such as the Working after the state pension age Act. What does this law mean for the transition payment, chain of contracts, continued wage payment and dismissal in case of illness, notice period and social security?

Pay Transparency Directive at a glance

The European Council adopted the Pay Transparency Directive in 2023 to combat wage discrimination and close the gender pay gap. It must be enacted into national law by June 2026. Employers are advised to assess wage structures and gaps and refer to the attached flyer for more information. Contact us for assistance regarding the directive’s impact on your organization. We’re here to help!

Exciting announcement for HR Professionals!

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Legislative proposal restructuring non-compete clause

The House of Representatives plans to restructure non-compete clauses to balance employer interests with employee rights. Current rules require written agreement, but misuse is common. Proposed changes include limiting duration to one year, specifying geographical scope, justifying business reasons, and compensating employees. A motion also suggests voiding clauses for low-wage earners. Expect tighter regulations, potentially impacting existing agreements.

Internship agreement versus employment agreement

Is an internship agreement also an employment agreement? When properly arranged it isn’t. However, the internship agreement does have similar characteristics of an employment agreement which sometimes (unintentionally) make it an employment agreement as well. In this article, we would like to give you an update taking into account the most recent case law on the matter.

A new partner and two new lawyers at Workx

We are off to a great start this year! Juliette Niersman has been appointed partner at Workx lawyers with effect from 1 January 2024. In addition to this partner appointment, we have two new junior lawyers on our team: Erika van Zadelhof and Bente Portman.