Alain has returned to Workx as of September 2023 after an inspiring trip in an old Land Rover Defender through Africa and Europe.

Alain is trained as an employment lawyer in the broadest sense of the word. He studied at the University of Leiden. In 2017, Alain began his career as a lawyer at AKD advocaten.
In 2020, Alain started working at Workx advocaten.

Since September 2023, he focuses on assisting employees. He understands the complexity of employment law issues and is committed to protecting the interests of employees. His knowledge and experience as an employer lawyer add value to represent employees.

In addition to his role as an employment lawyer, Alain is involved in recruitment and acquisition. Alain is also responsible for WorkxIN, a division of Workx advocaten that focuses on seconding labor law specialists to companies for a specific project or replacement for a specific duration.